Unchain your Trello.
Reach new players.
All in minutes.

Turn your Trello game boards into a dynamic website
accessible to everyone, automatically synced in minutes – all in Trello.
No coding or design skills required.

How does Tibit work?

The process for going from your Trello board to a published site is very simple – in just 3 steps.


Tibit is a Trello plugin, so you just need to authorize it to let it access your board’s content.

  • Tibit is a Trello plugin
  • Standard Trello access controls
  • You see what Tibit can access


Use Tibit dashboard to configure how your Trello board should be converted.

  • Header image
  • Site description
  • Social links
  • Your domain name


Just click “publish”, and Tibit will host your converted site, making it available to everyone in minutes.

  • Tibit hosts your site
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Published in minutes

Reach new players and much more with tools you already use

Tibit integrates directly with Trello, enabling you to simply keep using the tool you’re already accustomed to. No need to learn a new system or start from scratch.


Showcase game information, from promo codes and paid-for items to the latest events and tutorials, all in one central hub for your community with Tibit-powered websites.


Make changes directly on your Trello board and see them automatically sync to your Tibit website, keeping everything up to date effortlessly.

Fast Built-in Search

Simplify search for your community with Tibit’s powerful search feature, ensuring easy and quick access to the information players need.

Optimised Performance

Bid farewell to slow-loading boards. Tibit optimizes your website for faster loading times and improved performance, even for large boards.

Expanded Monetization

Unlock new monetization opportunities by showcasing and selling game items on your Tibit website, reaching a wider audience.

Website Management

Focus on creating exceptional games while Tibit handles hassle-free website management, freeing you from complex coding or technical tasks.

See the demo site

This is an example of Tibit converting an existing public Trello board to a fully-fledged site.

Be the first to try

Our beta version is now available. Get exclusive access by signing up today and preview a fully-functional website for your game.

Tibit already works with what you use

Trello has a huge community and enormous amounts of plugins. Tibit doesn’t do anything magical – it simply joins in.

Schedule with Calendar

Use the Calendar Power-Up to set when your posts to be published.

Simply set a due date, and Tibit will publish it then.

Visualise your upcoming posts with the calendar view.

Templates for different post types

Do you post daily musings, or have a special format for your travel blog? Simply use Trello card templates – Tibit already handles it.

Post from multiple authors

Have several authors who post? Or have posts with multiple authors? No problem – just add everyone to the cards, and let Tibit handle the rest.

Plus even more features


Post about multiple topics using Trello’s labels. Tibit will translate them into tags for the posts.

Fully Responsive

Your website will look great on all devices – from phone to desktop.

Great SEO

SEO is complicated. Tibit publishes sites taht are already SEO-optimised.

Blazing Fast

Tibit compiles your site into a very efficient static site – experience the speed of simplicity.

Code highlighting

Want to show off some code? Tibit got you back with proper code highlighting for almost every language.

Custom Domain

Bring your own custom domain for your site, or use any tibit.io subdomains.