Here’s a clear breakdown of different pricing plans and what they include, its cost, and the value it offers. Whether you’re a small community just starting out or a large, established game development team, we have a plan tailored for you.


Great for trying out Tibit, or for a small community.

$ 9 .00

per month

  • Manual sync, max up to 1/day
  • Site hosted on
  • Dark theme only
Best value


The tier for getting the most out of Tibit for games with solo Trello admins.

$ 17 .00

per month

  • Everything from Starter, plus
  • Automatic sync, max up to 3 times per day
  • Custom domain
  • Choice of themes


Perfect for teams with more than one developer.

$ 49 .00

per month

  • Everything from Pro, plus:
  • Multiple accounts with access to one site
  • Talk to Greg (the founder) directly

Psst, we’re in Beta

We are actively building Tibit in public, and it’s still early days. We currently building out the Starter plan.

Joining our Beta program provides an opportunity to become an early user of Tibit, with several benefits attached. This Beta program also allows direct contact with our team, so any questions or issues can be addressed promptly. Importantly, your feedback will help shape the future of Tibit.

Your ideas and suggestions will have a direct impact on our roadmap, and you’ll have the opportunity to communicate with Greg, the founder of Tibit. This is a chance to help build the tool that is perfect for your workflow.

This opens up a Typeform to provide all the details to sign up for Beta:

  • Free 3 months Starter trial
  • We help you with your first Trello to site publishing process
  • Direct contact with the team
  • You get to influence the Tibit roadmap
  • Talk to Greg (the founder) directly